The Party Project

The Party Project

Every year, since 1989 "The Party Project" has organised a Charity Christmas Party. "The Party Project" are a group of volunteer Japanese and foreigners who want to help the community. All aspects of preparation for the party and the running the party itself are done by volunteers.


Over the past ten years money has gone to various orphanages, homes for the handicapped and homes for the elderly, etc. The Charity Christmas Party has already made about 16.9 million yen for local charities in the Saga areas.



Yume Fund

The Yume Fund, or Dream Fund, has come about as a result of the Charity Christmas Party, and events sponsored by the Party Project. For over a decade, the Charity Christmas Party put on by Party Project volunteers has grown to become one of the most notable forces of Charity Funding in Saga ken. Different organizations and individuals have benefited each year from money raised within the local community.

Help Wanted!

We're looking for committee members and volunteers for the annual Saga Charity Christmas Party. The foreign community has been involved in the organisation from the start of the party many years ago, introducing and spreading the Christmas Spirit of giving. We're currently supporting an Orphanage in Saga; helping the kids with their studies and club activities.

There will be approximately 500 people at the party. It's a good chance to have fun, meet people and do some good.

Please contact us!

2017 Charity Christmas Party 'Give Kids Hope'

Date & Time Saturday December 16th from 6pm-9pm
Venue Sagashi Bunak kaikan Event Hall
Advanced Ticket Adult 2000yen
Ticket at the door Adult 2500yen・Children(6-12yrs) 500yen/(under 5yrs) 100yen

Map of the Saga-shi Bunka kaikan